Saint-Gobain Lumilog combines decades of expertise in the field of crystal growth and finishing to develop and produce GaN substrates for a variety of highly demanding optoelectronic and microelectronic applications.

LED Lighting - Lumilog

Our n-type epi-ready free standing GaN and GaN on sapphire STN substrates are especially designed for high brightness LED in the visible range. Both substrates are available in 2-inch and 100 mm diameter.

Lazer Lighting - Lumilog

Lumilog offers n-type epi-ready free standing GaN that can be used for the manufacturing of Laser Diodes. Lasers are now increasingly used in automotive lighting, projection, and display equipment.

Lumilog GaN High Power

Our free standing GaN substrates enable new device architectures. High crystal quality is key to achieve the demanding electrical performances in high power electronics. Non-Intentionally Doped (STNID) and semi-insulating (STINS) templates are also suited for lateral devices such as HEMT transistors for mid-power applications.

RF Power Devices - GAN Technology

Lumilog’s Non-Intentionally Doped (STNID) and semi-insulating (STINS) GaN on sapphire templates that are used in lateral devices such as HEMT transistors in RF applications.


Developing a new application ?


Lumilog’s free standing GaN and GaN on sapphire templates are considered and used in a variety of applications.


The Lumilog team is prepared to discuss your needs and applications. Contact us and tell us more about yours needs.