High brightness LED has become a key energy efficient technology for a large variety of applications from lighting to display.

Most high brightness LEDs are based on an In GaN active layer emitting in the UV to green range. The efficiency of the device is tightly linked to the crystal quality of the active layers. Both nature and crystal quality of the substrate contribute to the performance of the active layers

Flip-Chip technology is used for most high brightness LEDs. As part of the substrate remains in the LED, and is used to extract light, transparent substrates such as sapphire and GaN are preferred.


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High LED performance. Excellent combination of performances that offers a large flexibility of design for high performance LED: higher light output (Lumen) per unit area at given efficiency (WPE) or higher efficiency (WPE) at a given current density (LED size). Thanks to their improved efficiency, GaN-on-GaN based LEDs are also more reliable.

Environment friendly. Thanks to their improved efficiency, GaN-on-GaN LEDs require less power and show longer lifetime.

Lower cost of packaged LED. Thanks to their higher light output per unit area, GaN-on-GaN LEDs require smaller packaging. GaN-on-GaN also gives access to simplified LED architectures, with easier thermal management (reduced losses) and/or easier light extraction (GaN is both electrically conductive and transparent).

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