Power electronics have become a central topic for most electronic applications from consumer electronics, automotive, to energy generation.

A critical active component in power electronics is the switching device that allows the conversion of power. In order to reduce the component size, there is a need for high frequency high power switching devices.

Based on material property, the figure of merit of GaN based power devices is significantly better than Si or SiC. To date, GaN power devices are based on lateral architectures, such as high-electron mobility transistors (HEMT), fabricated with thin layers of GaN on foreign substrates, such as GaN-on-Silicon or GaN-on-SiC, which leads to some limitations (current -collapse, dynamic RON, avalanche breakdown).

Thanks to bulk GaN substrates, vertical GaN transistors are expected to reach the material potentials of GaN.

Lumilog GaN High Power




Smaller power device. GaN-on-GaN devices can operate at high frequency and high voltage, typically above 600V with very low loss thanks to low RON.

Access to vertical architectures. Unlike GaN hetero-structures, GaN-on-GaN gives access to vertical structures such as MOSFET, FET, hence offers a large flexibility for high voltage designs.

Lower cost of packaged device. As they can operate at higher switching frequency with low losses, power devices require smaller packaging and simplified thermal management.

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